1946 born in Berlin/ Germany
1964 - 1967 training as portrait and industrial photographer
1967 Federal winner of the Prize for Photographic Handcraft
1967 -1972 Press photographer in Hamburg and Hanover
since 1972 Freelance advertising and press photographer,industrial contracts, travel documentation
since 1987 stills photographer for international auteur films, amongst others "Buster's Bedroom" directed by Rebecca Horn, Photo catalogue to this production
1988 Solo exhibition for Werkschau Galerie Dieckmann, Berlin
1989 Advertising campaign (black and white) Hella Fuhrmann for ARNO Light, the series (five photographs) was purchased by the Berlinische Galerie and was on loan to the International Center of Photography/ Museum of Modern Art, New York. Sales of freelance work to public and private collectors and galleries
1990 participation in the exhibition Women in the Cinema in Nice, France, participation in the project and exhibition Hommage to the Chaplin Family parallel to the Cannes Film Festival, amongst others with a series of portraits of Geraldine Chaplin, Film photography, free projects in artistic photography, amongst others the series Pictures at the third glance, advertising projects. Report about Krasnojarsk in Siberia